quinta-feira, 24 de junho de 2010



The company does film production, coordination of exhibition projects for cinema, film festival production and audiovisual festivals. Contracted by MPC & Associados, was one of the companies responsible for the implementation of the projects Cinema Br em Movimento and Imagens Brasil Telecom – of exhibition of Brazilian films in alternative spaces across Brazil.

Since 2005, it has produced Muestra de Cine de BrasilNoar – annual festival of short Brazilian films in Barcelona. Since 2004, MIMO DE CINEMA em Olinda/Pernambuco which exhibits films with themes related to music, is produced by the company.

In the cinema, it has produced the short film The Book of Walachai and the documentary Walachai.


Okna Productions is a bureau of cultural and audiovisual production. The company not only develops its own projects, but also establishes partnerships in which it contribute with production and executive production. Currently it has realized audiovisual projects for cinema and TV, among documentaries and fiction films of short, medium and feature length aiming at fomenting the growth of audiences of independent productions.

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