quinta-feira, 24 de junho de 2010


WALACHAI is a little village of German origins located in the south of Brazil, and which seems to belong to a different time in history, so far away from the globalized world. The documentary which conception, screenplay and direction were by Rejane Zilles, presents us with the daily lives of this community and its neighboring villages of very particular names such as Jammerthal, Frankenthal and Batatenthal. Their inhabitants are simple peasants who have consistent humane values and live a fulfilling life within their simplicity. They manage to keep away from consumption mechanisms of our modern times. They communicate through an old German dialect nearly two hundred years old, nevertheless, little do they know about the Germany they descend from. They are all Brazilians e see themselves as such.

Places with their very own culture, having preserved till this day and age their landscape, architecture and a language which are onto be modified by their latest generations of descendents. As time goes by, this lifestyle will be transformed and it all tends to fall into oblivion. However, at this very moment in time, it is all alive, with its characters walking by the streets and talking about their accomplishments and their feelings towards the advances of the world.

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  1. Olá. Gostaria de comprar o filme, mas não estou encontrando onde. Como posso fazer?


  2. Esqueci do email: marcelosoledade@gmail.com

  3. Como faço para encontrar esse filme? Conheci o local no final de semana passado e me interessei muito pela história... (rcajal@terra.com.br)

  4. you know why the afrikaners in southa africa still exist? because they preserved their language and culture, they didn't adopted the local customs, unfortunately in southern brazil almost every community of german and dutch descent adopted brazilian culture and language, which is sad, now their cultural identities are going to disappear, i hope this people don't let it happen