quinta-feira, 24 de junho de 2010


Cultural resistance is a way of being in the rural community of Walachai. Natives freely speak an ancient dialect from the German region of Hunsrück. As of today, that is their mother language. Handed down orally, from generation until next, it has not been renewed, apart from the words created by locals.

Each time I would tell my personal story – that of a little girl born and raised there until childhood without any knowledge of Portuguese – I felt the chill and curiosity of who would be listening.

Thus was born the idea of documenting through film the uniqueness of the place, from the perspective of who knows its two radically different dimensions – from the inside and from the outside. I felt there was a good story to be retold by someone from within the local sphere.

In 2004 I started investigating in the Hunsrück region in Germany. Five years have gone by and the film is ready. The documentary Walachai is not only about a German community. It is above all about the unusual and weird that inhabit this time-forgotten place.

In a few years this lifestyle will probably change and this memory will wane. But now everything is well alive, with its characters walking down its streets, telling their deed and surprise as the surrounding world changes.

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